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  • The ALIO-EURO booket, which collects the General Information, the Short Abstracts and the List of Participants, is available for download here (PDF file, 7.3 MB). A printed booklet will be handed to all participants at registration.
  • The Proceedings of the VII ALIO–EURO – Workshop on Applied Combinatorial Optimization, with the extended abstracts, is available for download here (PDF file, 15.7 MB). Please note: no printed copy of the proceedings book will be given at registration.

Wednesday, May 4th
9h30 -- 9h45
Opening Session (Room 0.41),

Welcome Address

9h45 -- 10h45
Plenary Talk I (Room 0.41), Chair: Ramón Álvarez-Valdés

Routing in Graphs with Applications to Logistics and Traffic
Rolf Moehring

11h15 -- 12h30
Session 1A: Energy I (Room 0.41), Chair: Manuel Matos

1A.1 - Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Reactive Power Planning in Electrical Distribution Systems: A Comparative Case Study
Dulce Costa, C. Henggeler Antunes, A. Gomes Martins
1A.2 - A new MIP based approach for Unit Commitment in power production planning
Ana Viana, João Pedro Pedroso
1A.3 - Dispatch Hydroelectric Power Plant using Genetic Algorithm
Jessica Pillon Torralba Fernandes, Paulo de Barros Correia

Session 1B: Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms (Room 0.40), Chair: Michael Emmerich

1B.1 - Algebraic Group Theory Driven Divide and Evolve of Multi Objective Problems
Nail El-Sourani, Markus Borschbach
1B.2 - Multi-objective Evolutionary Course Timetabling
Antonio L. Márquez, Consolacion Gil, Raul Baños, Antonio Fernández
1B.3 - Automated Design of Software Architectures for Embedded Systems using Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization
R. Li, R. Etemaadi, M.T.M. Emmerich, M.R.V. Chaudron

Session 1C: Graph Theory (Room 0.39), Chair: Cristina Requejo

1C.1 - New Characterizations for Subfamilies of Chordal Graphs
Lilian Markenzon, Paulo R.C. Pereira, Christina F.E.M. Waga
1C.2 - Efficient Algorithms for Regionalization: an Approach Based on Graph Partition
Gustavo Silva Semaan, Jose Andre de Moura Brito, Luiz Satoru Ochi
1C.3 - Lagrangean based algorithms for the Weight-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem
Cristina Requejo, Eulália Santos

14h00 -- 15h00
Plenary Talk II (Room 0.41), Chair: Margarida Vaz Pato

Recent developments on optimization methods for scheduling problems
Débora Ronconi

15h10 -- 16h00
Session 2A: Cutting and Packing I (Room 0.41), Chair: A. Miguel Gomes

2A.1 - A Heuristic and an Exact Method for Pattern Sequencing Problems
Luigi De Giovanni, Gionata Massi, Ferdinando Pezzella, Marc E. Pfetsch, Giovanni Rinaldi, Paolo Ventura
2A.2 - An integer programming framework for sequencing cutting patterns based on interval graph completion
Isabel Cristina Lopes, J.M Valério de Carvalho

Session 2B: Metaheuristics Frameworks (Room 0.40), Chair: Dorabela Gamboa

2B.1 - OPTFRAME: A Computational Framework for Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Igor Machado Coelho, Pablo Luiz Araújo Munhoz, Matheus Nohra Haddad, Vitor Nazario Coelho, Marcos de Melo da Silva, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza, Luiz Satoru Ochi
2B.2 - RAMP: An Overview of Recent Advances and Applications
Dorabela Gamboa, César Rego

Session 2C: Lot Sizing and Scheduling (Room 0.39), Chair: Dolores Romero Morales

2C.1 - A Polyhedral Study of Mixed 0-1 Sets
Agostinho Agra, Mahdi Doostmohammadi
2C.2 - Multi-Objective Economic Lot-Sizing Models
Wilco van den Heuvel, H. Edwin Romeijn, Dolores Romero Morales, Albert P.M. Wagelmans

16h30 -- 18h10
Session 3A: Cutting and Packing II (Room 0.41), Chair: Ramón Álvarez-Valdés

3A.1 - An Optimization Model for the Traveling Salesman Problem with Three-Dimensional Loading Constraints
Leonardo Junqueira, José Fernando Oliveira, Maria Antónia Carravilla, Reinaldo Morabito
3A.2 - Rect-TOPOS: A constructive heuristic for the rectilinear packing area minimization problem
Marisa Oliveira, Eduarda Pinto Ferreira, A. Miguel Gomes
3A.3 - Local search methods for leather nesting problems
Pedro Brás, Cláudio Alves, José Valério de Carvalho
3A.4 - Nesting Problems: mixed integer formulations and valid inequalities
Antonio Martinez Sykora, Ramón Álvarez-Valdés, Jose Manuel Tamarit

Session 3B: Matheuristics (Room 0.40), Chair: Vittorio Maniezzo

3B.1 - Matheuristics for Traffic Counter Location
Marco A. Boschetti, Vittorio Maniezzo, Matteo Roffilli, Antonio José́ Bolufé́ Röhler
3B.2 - A Matheuristic Algorithm for Auto-Carrier Transportation
Mauro Dell’Amico, Simone Falavigna, Manuel Iori
3B.3 - A new MIP Heuristic based on Randomized Neighborhood Search
Davide Anghinolfi, Massimo Paolucci
3B.4 - Towards an Ant Colony Optimization algorithm for the Two-Stage Knapsack problem
Stefanie Kosuch

Session 3C: Applications of Combinatorial Optimization I (Room 0.39), Chair: Luiz Satoru Ochi

3C.1 - Optimal Parts Allocation for Structural Systems via Improved Initial Solution Generation
Yang Zhang, Horst Baier
3C.2 - Partitioning a service region among several vehicles
John Gunnar Carlsson
3C.3 - A bi-objective approach for selection of sugarcane varieties in Brazilian companies
Margarida Vaz Pato, Helenice de Oliveira Florentino
3C.4 - An Imputation Algorithm Applied to the Nonresponse Problem
José Brito, Nelson Maculan, Luiz Ochi, Flávio Montenegro, Luciana Brito

Thursday, May 5th
9h00 -- 10h45
Session 4A: Cutting and Packing III (Room 0.41), Chair: Francisco Parreño

4A.1 - Automatic Generation of Algorithms for the Non Guillotine Cutting Problem
J. Alejandro Zepeda, Víctor Parada, Gustavo Gatica, Mauricio Sepúlveda
4A.2 - Enhancements to the best fit heuristic for the orthogonal stock-cutting problem
Jannes Verstichel, Patrick De Causmaecker, Greet Vanden Berghe
4A.3 - Bi-dimensional Bin-packing Problem: A Multiobjective Approach
A. Fernández, C. Gil, R. Baños, A. L. Márquez, M.G. Montoya, M. Parra
4A.4 - A recursive partitioning approach for generating unconstrained two-dimensional non-guillotine cutting patterns
Ernesto G. Birgin, Rafael D. Lobato, Reinaldo Morabito

Session 4B: Scheduling and Metaheuristics I (Room 0.40), Chair: Angel Juan

4B.1 - A Complete Search Method For Relaxed Traveling Tournament Problem
Filipe Brandão, João Pedro Pedroso
4B.2 - A Hybrid Algorithm for Minimizing Earliness-Tardiness Penalties in Parallel Machines
Fulgencia Villa, Ramón Álvarez-Valdés, José Manuel Tamarit
4B.3 - A hybrid algorithm combining heuristics with Monte Carlo simulation to solve the Stochastic Flow Shop Problem
Esteban Peruyero, Angel A. Juan, Daniel Riera
4B.4 - A Simulation-based algorithm for solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Stochastic Demands
Angel Juan, Javier Faulin, Daniel Riera, Jose Caceres, Scott Grasman

Session 4C: Vehicle Routing Problem (Room 0.39), Chair: Agostinho Agra

4C.1 - Vehicle routing for mixed solid waste collection -- comparing alternative hierarchical formulations
Teresa Bianchi-Aguiar, Maria Antónia Carravilla, José Fernando Oliveira
4C.2 - Branch and Cut and Price for the Time Dependent Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Said Dabia, Stefan Røpke, Tom Van Woensel, Ton De Kok
4C.3 - An algorithm based on Iterated Local Search and Set Partitioning for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows
Sabir Ribas, Anand Subramanian, Igor Machado Coelho, Luiz Satoru Ochi, Marcone Jamilson Freitas Souza
4C.4 - A medium term short sea fuel oil distribution problem
Agostinho Agra, Marielle Christiansen, Alexandrino Delgado

11h15 -- 12h30
Session 5A: Energy II (Room 0.41), Chair: Manuel Matos

5A.1 - Nash Equilibria in Electricity Markets
Margarida Carvalho, João Pedroso, João Saraiva
5A.2 - Application of Combinatorial Optimization in Natural Gas System Operation
Teresa Nogueira
5A.3 - A Multi-objective EPSO for Distributed Energy Resources Planning
Renan S. Maciel, Mauro da Rosa, Vladimiro Miranda, Antonio Padilha-Feltrin

Session 5B: Mathematical Programing (Room 0.40), Chair: Jacques Desrosiers

5B.1 - On using preprocessing: Cuts identification and probing schemes in stochastic mixed 0-1 and combinatorial optimization
Laureano F. Escudero, M. Araceli Garín, María Merino, Gloria Pérez
5B.2 - Scenario cluster lagrangean decomposition in stochastic mixed integer programming
L.F. Escudero, M.A. Garín, G. Pérez, A. Unzueta
5B.3 - Positive Edge: A Pricing Criterion for the Identification of Non-degenerate Simplex Pivots
Vincent Raymond, Francois Soumis, Abdelmoutalib Metrane, Mehdi Towhidi, Jacques Desrosiers

Session 5C: Health (Room 0.39), Chair: Margarida Vaz Pato

5C.1 - On the transition from fluence map optimization to fluence map delivery in intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment planning
Humberto Rocha, Joana M. Dias, Brígida C. Ferreira, Maria do Carmo Lopes
5C.2 - Hybrid large neighborhood search for the dial-a-ride problem
Sophie N. Parragh, Verena Schmid
5C.3 - An integer programming approach for elective surgery scheduling in a Lisbon hospital
Inês Marques, M. Eugénia Captivo, Margarida Vaz Pato

14h00 -- 15h00
Plenary Talk III (Room 0.41), Chair: Laureano Escudero

Spatial Forest Optimization
Miguel Constantino

15h10 -- 16h00
Session 6A: Logistics I (Room 0.41), Chair: Ana Barbosa-Póvoa

6A.1 - Tackling Freshness in Supply Chain Planning of Perishable Products
Pedro Amorim, Hans-Otto Günther, Bernardo Almada-Lobo
6A.2 - Approaching a robust bi-objective supply chain design problem by a metaheuristic procedure
Yajaira Cardona-Valdés, Ada Álvarez, Joaquín Pacheco

Session 6B: Scheduling and Metaheuristics II (Room 0.40), Chair: Jan Riezebos

6B.1 - A Tabu Search Approach for the Hybrid Flow Shop
Nicolau Santos, João Pedro Pedroso
6B.2 - Sequencing approaches in Synchronous Manufacturing
Jan Riezebos

Session 6C: Telecomunications (Room 0.39), Chair: Henrique Pacca Luna

6C.1 - Affine recourse for the robust network design problem: between static and dynamic routing
Michael Poss, Christian Raack
6C.2 - Solving a Hub Location Problem by the Hyperbolic Smoothing Approach
Adilson Elias Xavier, Claudio Martagão Gesteira, Henrique Pacca Loureiro Luna

16h30 -- 18h10
Session 7A: Logistics II (Room 0.41), Chair: Maria Isabel Gomes

7A.1 - A hybrid method to solve a multi-product, multi-depot vehicle routing problem arising in a recyclable waste collection system
Tania Rodrigues Pereira Ramos, Maria Isabel Gomes, Ana Paula Barbosa-Povoa
7A.2 - Design and Planning of Supply Chains with Integrated Forward and Reverse Decisions
Sónia R. Cardoso, Ana Paula F. D. Barbosa-Póvoa, Susana Relvas
7A.3 - Reverse Logistics Network Design for Household Plastic Waste
Xiaoyun Bing, Jacqueline Bloemhof, Jack van der Vorst
7A.4 - Reverse Cross Docking
Juan Pablo Soto, Rosa Colomé Perales, Marcus Thiell

Session 7B: Timetabling and Rostering (Room 0.40), Chair: Dario Landa-Silva

7B.1 - Comparing Roster Patterns within a Single Depot Vehicle-Crew-Roster Problem
Marta Mesquita, Margarida Moz, Ana Paias, Margarida Pato
7B.2 - Insights on the exact resolution of the rostering problem
Marta Rocha, José Fernando Oliveira, Maria Antónia Carravilla
7B.3 - Comparing Hybrid Constructive Heuristics for University Course Timetabling
Dario Landa-Silva, Joe Henry Obit

Session 7C: Applications of Combinatorial Optimization II (Room 0.39), Chair: Miguel Constantino

7C.1 - Lower and upper bounds for large size instances of the optimal diversity management problem
Agostinho Agra, Jorge Orestes Cerdeira, Cristina Requejo
7C.2 - Continous Ant Colony System Applied to Optimization Problems with Fuzzy Coefficients
Luiza Amalia Pinto Cantão, Ricardo Coelho Silva, Akebo Yamakami
7C.3 - A tree search procedure for forest harvest scheduling problems addressing aspects of habitat availability
Teresa Neto, Miguel Constantino, João Pedro Pedroso, Isabel Martins

Friday, May 6th
9h30 -- 10h45
Session 8A: Stochastic Local Search (Room 0.41), Chair: Luís Paquete

8A.1 - Automatic Configuration of TPLS+PLS Algorithms for Bi-objective Flow-Shop Scheduling Problems
Jérémie Dubois-Lacoste, Manuel López-Ibáñez, Thomas Stützle
8A.2 - Efficient paths by local search
Luís Paquete, José Luis Santos, Daniel Vaz
8A.3 - Solving a Multiobjective Flowshop Scheduling Problem by GRASP with Path-relinking
Iryna Yevseyeva, Jorge Pinho de Sousa, Ana Viana

Session 8B: Column Generation and Metaheuristics (Room 0.40), Chair: Valério de Carvalho

8B.1 - Stabilized Column Generation for the Rooted Delay-Constrained Steiner Tree Problem
Markus Leitner, Mario Ruthmair, Günther R. Raidl
8B.2 - Heuristics for Discrete Power Control -- A Case-Study in Multi-Carrier DSL Networks
Martin Wolkerstorfer, Tomas Nordström
8B.3 - A Hybrid Meta-Heuristic for the Network Load Balancing Problem
Dorabella Santos, Amaro de Sousa, Filipe Alvelos

Session 8C: Approximation Algorithms (Room 0.39), Chair: Irene Loiseau

8C.1 - Modeling the collision avoidance for the ATM by a mixed 0--1 nonlinear approach
Antonio Alonso Ayuso, Laureano F. Escudero, Francisco Javier Martín Campo
8C.2 - Low Energy Scheduling with Power Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Systems
Richard Dobson, Kathleen Steinhöfel
8C.3 - A linear programming approach for adaptive synchronization of traffic signals
Pablo Coll, Pablo Factorovich, Irene Loiseau

11h15 -- 12h15
Plenary Talk IV (Room 0.41), Chair: Valério de Carvalho

On Bilevel Programming and its Implications for Mixed Integer Linear Programming
Andrea Lodi

12h15 -- 12h30
Closing Session (Room 0.41),

Closing Notes

VII ALIO/EURO Workshop on Applied Combinatorial Optimization
Porto, Portugal, May 4 - 6, 2011 .