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The information-based measure of disagreement (IBMD)1 assesses disagreement between two sets of matched numerical observations. It is appropriate for ratio-scale variables with positive values and ranges from 0 (no disagreement) to 1. The 95% confidence interval is estimated using a bootstrap procedure.

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The birthweigt(grams) was measured in the same 5 newborns with two diferent observers (A and B).

newborn observer A observer B
1 3220 3290
2 3100 3210
3 2910 3000
4 1990 1995
5 3225 3290

The data can be entered like this:

3220 3290
3100 3210
2910 3000
1990 1995
3225 3290

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Costa Santos, C (2012). Information Based Measure of Disagreement On-line Calculator [Computer software]. Retrieved month day, year, from http://disagreement.med.up.pt

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  3. Last updated: March 2012