Technical reports on
        total reversible programming languages
    Co-authors: Luca Roversi and Luca Paolini
    Contents not available

      On the additional memory used to ``reversibilize'' computations
         concurrent communicating systems
         reversibilization, backtracking and "additional memory"
         Logical gates / execution stack / Prolog / 
            reversible communicating systems
         Turing machine computations / SRL-likelanguages / 
            entropy and Kolmogorov c.
         "Blank" registers / Additional memory: classification and examples
         Fredkin/Toffoli reversible digital circuits...

      Diagonalization techniques applied to SRL like languages
        "Reversible programming languages and micro-reversibility"
         Reversing a SRL machine, execution machine, degree of reversibility
         SRL block rearrangements, commutativity, parallelism and commutativity
         A simple physical system

      SRL and ESRL languages:    
      (i) are extra registers needed?
      (ii) programs with registers initialized

      Can the "if" instruction be implemented
      in the SRL/ESRL programming languages?
        see also here: 
           ForSwap languages with 0-initialized registers:
           can the "if" instruction be implemented?
           File: "observations.tex"

      SRL-like languages and Kolmogorov complexity:
        An arbitrarily high exponential tower
        Time dominated complexity (of configuration)

      Groups and SRL-like languages
        (includes discussion of Post equivalence problem)

      On the growth of \srl transformations}
        prove that the asymptotic upper bounds of primitive recursive (PR) 
        functions and of SRL transformations are essentially the same.

      Can the 'if' instruction be implemented in SRL/ESRL?
        languages, 0 and 0-- regs, stacks, pairings

      Presentation in Turim, May 2017

      SRL like languages: Reductions and results

      Decision problems related with SRL-like languages: 
      current status of knowledge

      My (short) notes on subatomic proof systems

      For each positive integer k there is a SRL program P_k(n,a,b)
      such that, after in the computation P_k(n,0,0), \\
      the final contents of a, of b and of n  
      are all asymptotically larger than
          2 ^ (2 ^ (\ldots (2 ^ n)))
      where the number of 2's is k.

  Enigma machines and the for/swap language
      a relatively long report, point by point dealing with:
          - permutations and ForSwap language
	  - powers of a program, Ident, P(x), P(P(x))...
	  - Enigma language and implementation of Enigma machinesNote. Related with the Haskell program