AGILMAT - Automatic Generation of Interactive Drills for Mathematics Learning

Project POSI/CHS/48565/2002, funded by Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia , POSI and FEDER.

A 3-year project (starting date: December, 2003)

AGILMAT Prototype

Team Members

Senior Researchers
Ana Paula Tomás (IP)
José Paulo Leal
Nelma Moreira
Miguel Filgueiras
José Carlos Santos
Assistant Researchers
Nuno Filipe Pereira (BI grant, September 2004 --- March 2006 )
Marcos Aurélio Domingues (BI grant, May 2005 --- May 2006)
Ângela Reis (BI grant, April 2006 --- December 2006 )

Cláudia Carvalho (BIC undergraduate student grant, October 2006 --- March 2007)
Patrício Correia (BIC undergraduate student grant, October 2006 --- March 2007)

Project summary

AGILMAT would give oportunity to continue and consolidate research work that has been carried out by the members of the team, independently or in collaboration, on the application of new technologies in education.

AGILMAT aims at the design and implementation of a system to automatically generate exercises of Mathematics, that must be versatile enough to cater for different stages and curricula.

There exist a huge number of courseware applications spread over the Web, namely tools to create and make available homework and assignments. All of them require from the teacher non-negligible effort specially to generate several instances of a given problem, which may not be easily recognized as simple variants of the same basic expression.

Many of the exercises of a certain grade may be actually solved successfully by some algebraic algorithmic procedures. The major idea of this project is therefore to analyse such algorithms in order to abstract and constrain the form of exercises that may be generated automatically. Not only the system shall generate drills of pedagogic interest, but it shall be used to provide illustrative examples, and in assessment.

The project consists of five major tasks:

Related publications

Related work at LIACC

AGILMAT is intended to further develop research in the area at LIACC, in particular, Demomath prototype.

Users interaction in AGILMAT will build on the experience gained with Ganesh, an environment for learning computer science that provides a Web platform where teachers can deploy exercises in different learning domains.

The integration of automatic grading systems with pedagogical contents and exploratory environments was also addressed in the EDIC project. It shares with AGILMAT the goal of using exercises and an explanatory environment to consolidate students' knowledge.

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