ElasticHosts is a platform, developed in the UK, that provides cloud services where the user can create servers, can host websites and can store data.

In this exercise, you will create an account with ElasticHosts (free trial), will choose your own virtual platform and will do experiments such as: upload some application to your cloud server, run it, try to run a parallel application and compare with the same parallel application running on your own machine or in a cluster (if it uses MPI) or in a multicore machine. How do you rate your experience??

CloudChallenge: it is time to play!

CloudChallenge is an online, single-player strategy game that allows players to experience the business changes that virtualization and cloud computing cause and understand how the implementation of these domains adds value to any organization.

You are going to play this game in pairs. One of you concentrate on the instructions of the game and the other onw is the player (you can swap roles along the game). Register, choose your mission, and get started!

How do you rate your experience? Did you learn anything useful playing this game?