Paper presentation

1. What?

Arrange yourselves in groups of at most 2 students.
Each group should select one of the topics suggested below and study related papers. Possible sources: Cluster, Cloud and Grid Computing Conference, Journal of Grid Computing, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) reports
Prepare a report of at most 4 pages and send me by email ( with SUBJECT: "CG ASSIGNMENT 3". Your report should contain a brief explanation of how and why you chose some papers (what keywords and search engines did you use? -- systematic review!) a summary of the chosen papers and an appreciation of  these papers regarding:
Each group will have 15 to 20 minutes to present a summary of the selected topic along with criticisms (powerpoint or similar).

2. Why?

Develop competences on paper evaluation and develop critical thinking.
Get acquainted with recent works being developed in the area.

3. When?

May 15th: send the report by email (presentation dates yet to be defined).

Suggested topics: (some papers are suggested, but you should look at the most recent literature and do a search for your topic)

  1. Grid Workflow languages and systems (suggestions: Triana, Taverna, Workflow Management System and Monitor for Grid systems (GWFE))
  2. Desktop Grids and Volunteer Computing (suggestions: BOINC and OurGrid) 
    • Suggested papers:
      • Orbweb—A Network Substrate for Peer-to-Peer Desktop Grid Computing Based on Open Standards
      • Sven Schulz, Wolfgang Blochinger and Mathias Poths
      • Exploring Mobile Devices as Grid Resources: Using an x86 Virtual Machine to Run BOINC on an iPhone
        Michael Black and William Edgar, Journal of Grid Computing, Special Issue: Volunteer Computing and Desktop Grids Number 4 / December, 2009
  3. Grid simulators (SimGrid and GridSim)
    • Suggested papers:
      • Modeling and Simulation of Scalable Cloud Computing Environments and the CloudSim Toolkit: Challenges and Opportunities, Keynote Paper (2009)
      • Rajkumar Buyya , Rajiv Ranjan , Rodrigo N. Calheiros In: Proceedings of the 7th High Performance Computing and Simulation (HPCS 2009) Conference
      • A toolkit for modelling and simulating data Grids: an extension to GridSim
      • A Sulistio, U Cibej, S Venugopal, B Robic, R Buyya, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, 2008
  4. Middleware for Grids (suggestions: Unicore and NorduGrid,, WSRF-Lite)
  5. Grid-aware operating systems (XtreemOS, Vega GOS, MOSIX)
  6. Monitoring and Accounting tools (Ganglia, Nagios, NWS, DGAS, Real Time Monitor)
  7. Data Management
  8. Meta-Scheduling (GridWay)
    • Suggested papers:
      • Enabling Interoperability among Grid Meta-Schedulers
        Ivan Rodero, David Villegas, Norman Bobroff, Yanbin Liu, Liana Fong, S. Masoud Sadjadi, Journal of Grid Computing, March 2013
      • State-based predictions with self-correction on Enterprise Desktop Grid environments
        Josep L. Lerida, Francesc Solsona, Porfidio Hernandez, Francesc Gine, Mauricio Hanzich, Josep Conde, Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, June 2013
      • Using Kestrel and XMPP to Support the STAR Experiment in the Cloud (2013)
        Lance Stout, Matthew Walker, Jérôme Lauret, Sebastien Goasguen, Michael A. Murphy, Journal of Grid Computing, March 2013
      • Committee-based Evaluation and Selection of Grid Resources for QoS Improvement (2013)
        Zhen Wang and Junwei Cao. 
      • Dependable Workflow Scheduling in Global Grids
        Mustafizur Rahman, Rajiv Ranjan and Rajkumar Buyya
  9. Portals and Friendly interfaces for job submission and control (Genius, UCLA Grid portal, GridSphere, PGrade)
    • Suggested papers:
      • On the Easy Use of Scientific Computing Services for Large Scale Linear Algebra and Parallel Decision Making with the P-Grade Portal
        Hrachya Astsatryan, Vladimir Sahakyan, Yuri Shoukouryan, Michel Daydé, Aurelie Hurault, Ronan Guivarch, Harutyun Terzyan, Levon Hovhannisyan, Journal of Grid Computing, 2013
      • Distributed Application Runtime Environment (DARE): A Standards-based Middleware Framework for Science-Gateways (2013)
        Sharath Maddineni, Joohyun Kim, Yaakoub El-Khamra, Shantenu Jha, Journal of Grid Computing, 2013
      • JETS: Language and System Support for Many-Parallel-Task Workflows
        , J. M. Wozniak, M. Wilde, D. S. Katz, Preprint ANL/MCS-P4005-1212, December 2012.
      • ADEM: Automating Deployment and Management of Application Software on the Open Science Grid
        Zhengxiong Hou, Mike Wilde, Xingshe Zhou, Ian Foster and Jing, Tie.
  10. Security in Grids (SLCS, Shibbolet)
    • Suggested papers:
      • Security in grid computing: A review and synthesis
        Erin Codya, Raj Sharmana, Raghav H. Raoa and Shambhu Upadhyayab
      • Grid Security: Next Steps
        by Andrew Martin, Po-wah Yau
  11. Analysis of Execution
    • Suggested papers:
      • Finding Associations in Grid Monitoring Data
        Gerhild Maier, Daniel van der Ster and Dieter Kranzlmueller.
  12. Clouds
    • Suggested papers:
      • A Quantitative Analysis of High Performance Computing with Amazon’s EC2 Infrastructure: The Death of the Local Cluster?
        Zach Hill and Marty Humphrey
      • Grid and Cloud Computing: Opportunities for Integration with the Next Generation Network
        Thomas Rings, Geoff Caryer, Julian Gallop, Jens Grabowski, Tatiana Kovacikova, Stephan Schulz and Ian Stokes-Rees
  13. Performance Analysis
    • Suggested papers
      • Statistical Analysis and Modeling of jobs in a Grid Environment
        K. Christodoulopoulos, V. Gkamas, E. Varvarigos, Springer Journal of Grid Computing 6 (1), pp. 77-101.
      • Performance Analysis of Grid Applications in the ASKALON Environment
        Radu Prodan, Simon Ostermann and Kassian Plankensteiner
  14. High Performance Computing
    • Suggested papers: