Data Analysis

The data found in file propTableBPAvgPlatCountBinaryClass.csv contains attributes annotated from patients with Intercerebral Hemorrhage (it may be necessary to read something about the disease. For example, this paper). In this dataset, the learning task is classification. The class variable is binary and corresponds to the length of stay of a patient in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Examine the data, study all variables and apply correlations, PCA, ANOVA, LDA (linear discriminant analysis) and linear regression to this data. Interpret and compare the results.

Apply the methods accordingly (check applicability). What can you tell and do about the categorical (nominal) variables?

Repeat the exercise using the file propTableBPAvgPlatCount.csv, where the target variable is of continuous type.

Can you apply linear regression to the first set of data where the target variable is binary?