Facility Location Problem: Results obtained for ORLIB instances

Results obtained using Gurobi for solving the facility location problem, using models described in Mathematical Optimization: Solving Problems using Python and Gurobi. CPU time limited to 300 seconds. (Click on values for selecting data to display.)

Benchmark references and sources:

Performance data
CPU time required
Number of solution failures
Solutions and bounds

Solutions failed

Legend for columns in the next tables
flp tight formulation for the facility location problem
flp_loose relaxed formulation for the facility location problem
flp_sos_loose (loose) formulation for the facility location problem with SOS type 1 constraints

Number of failed solution attempts
cap41_50x16,cap42_50x16,cap43_50x16,cap44_50x16,cap51_50x16,cap61_50x16,cap62_50x16,cap63_50x16,cap64_50x16,cap71_50x16,cap72_50x16,cap73_50x16,cap74_50x16 800 0 0 0
cap81_50x25,cap82_50x25,cap83_50x25,cap84_50x25,cap91_50x25,cap92_50x25,cap93_50x25,cap94_50x25,cap101_50x25,cap102_50x25,cap103_50x25,cap104_50x25 1250 0 0 0
cap111_50x50,cap112_50x50,cap113_50x50,cap114_50x50,cap121_50x50,cap122_50x50,cap123_50x50,cap124_50x50,cap131_50x50,cap132_50x50,cap133_50x50,cap134_50x50 2500 0 0 0