Ph.D. Theses

Research Projects


        optimization of generator’s schedules in electricity production

  1. Kidney Exchange Programmes, KEP

        optimization for kidney transplants

  1. OCC

        optimization of container’s loading with tubes

  1. ELENA

        simulation based optimization of traffic in the city of Gaia

  1. Teresa Neto: Forest planning

        Ph.D. in Operations Research, FCUL; co-advisor: Miguel Constantino

  1. Rui Rei: the Stacking Problem

        Ph.D. in Computer Science, FCUP

  1. Margarida Carvalho: Computation of equilibria on integer programming games

        Ph.D. in Computer Science, FCUP; co-advisor: Andrea Lodi

  1. Filipe Brandão: Arc-flow formulations for packing problems

        Ph.D. in Computer Science, FCUP