Supervision Activities

Luis Torgo

I carry out my supervision activities in two main contexts: (i) supervision of thesis (MSc or PhD); and (ii) supervision of work in the context of research projects.

The supervision of theses is usually connected with my Faculty and/or the students I have in the subjects I teach. Nevertheless, there are situations were I supervise students outside of this context, usually because they come to me with some concrete work project that I like and fits my competences. I normally avoid supervision of theses in the context of companies, unless there is some concrete goal/outcome apart from the thesis in itself. Although I’m completely in favour of applied research, in my opinion most of these theses projects have concrete economic goals behind and you end up doing something not very different from free consulting for the company - not my game.

The supervision of students in the context of research projects is normally associated with scholarships I have available within these projects. In this context, the work and timmings are typically driven by the project goals. Still, there are situations where this work serves as the basis for the student thesis and thus sometimes both types of supervision end-up being linked.

I’m available to supervise new students with interesting projects that fit within my research areas. Still, my general policy is to try to avoid having too many students because I like to have a close connection with my students’ work/activities and I find that hard to achieve when I have too many students. Nevertheless, feel free to contact me if you are interested in having me as your supervisor.

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