Pedro Vasconcelos: research

My research interests are in functional programming and program analysis, particularly sized type analysis, type and effect systems and cost analysis.

My PhD was done at the University of St. Andrews under supervision by Kevin Hammond.

Recent publications

Past publications


Amortised Analysis of Dynamic Memory Allocation for Lazy Functional Programs

I have put up a web interface to a type-based amortised analysis for dynamic allocations of a minimal lazy functional language. This work is described in our ICFP'2012 paper above.

Using the Parma Polyhedra Library from Haskell

The Parma Polyhedra Library is a modern and complete C++ library providing numerical abstractions useful in program analysis including (but not limited to) convex polyhedra. This page describes the problems I encountered with interfacing the PPL from Haskell and a work-around solution.

Pedro Vasconcelos, pbv at dcc dot fc dot up dot pt, 2008
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Science, University of Porto