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Advanced Topics in Algorithms 2017/2018

2nd Half of the Material



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    Date         Class       Description  
09/04 #14   Balanced Search Trees I (BSTs and AVL trees)  
11/04 #15   Bal. Search Trees II (red-black trees); Self Adjusting Data Structures I (self organizing lists)  
16/04 #16 Self Adjusting Data Structures II (splay trees)
19/04 #17 Probabilistic Data Structures I (treaps and randomized search trees)
23/04 #18 Probabilistic Data Structures I (skip lists and bloom filters)
30/04 #19 Spatial Data Structures I (quadtrees)  
02/05 #20 Spatial Data Structures II (kd-trees and 2d range trees)  
14/05 #21 Spatial Data Struct. III (fractional cascading); LCA and RMQ I (srqt buckets, sparse tables)  
16/05 #22 LCA and RMQ II (+/- 1 case, cartesian trees); Fenwick Trees
21/05 #23 Segment Trees and Lazy Propagation; Network Science I (introduction)
23/05 #24 Network Science II (visual exploration, subgraph patterns)