An External Module for Implementing Linear Tabling in Prolog

Cláudio Silva, Ricardo Rocha and Ricardo Lopes

August 2006


In previous work, we have presented a proposal to combine the power of tabling with the Extended Andorra Model (EAM) and we have proposed the ability to use an external module for implementing tabling primitives that provide direct control over the search strategy. Currently, we have already a preliminary implementation of two linear tabling approaches, the SLDT and the DRA mechanisms, in our external module. Preliminaries results, on a set of common benchmarks for tabled execution, allows us to make a first and fair comparison between the SLDT and the DRA mechanisms and, therefore, better understand the advantages and weaknesses of each. Starting from these results, we are now working on a new proposal that tries to combine the best features of both in order to produce a more robust and efficient linear tabling mechanism to experiment with the EAM.


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