Nomination statement for the ALP Executive Committee election

Vítor Santos Costa
Departamento de Ciência de Computadores
Faculdade de Ciências
Universidade do Porto
Rua do Campo Alegre, 1021/1055
4169 - 007 PORTO

Logic Programming (LP) has been my main research interest since 1984, when I was introduced to the field by Luís Damas and Miguel Filgueiras. I was attracted to LP because it provides a concise, clear formalism that is both of theoretical and practical interest. My initial research has been in the area of Sequential and Parallel Implementation of LP, where I contributed to systems such as YAP and Andorra-I. My work on the implementation of LP motivated me to become more and more interested in the applications of LP. I have been able to collaborate with researchers from the Inductive Logic Programming Community who address exciting problems in areas such as Computational Molecular Biology and Social Networking.

Logic Programming is the cornerstone of my work. I have tried to contribute back in a number of ways. Together with colleagues, I maintain YAP Prolog, a Prolog system that is widely used. In the last few years, I have worked together with other Prolog implementors to bring more sharing between the different different Prolog systems.

The Association of Logic Programming plays a key role in establishing a strong LP community. LP has the advantage of having very strong foundations, that are on the whole essential to Computer Science. Even so, LP is clearly not seen as core to CS today. To have a vibrant LP community, I think there is a consensus on a number of issues we must tackle and that are interconnected.


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