Technical Report: DCC-2001-2

Obtaining Origin-Destination Data at Optimal Cost at Urban Roundabouts

(Extended Version)

Ana Paula Tomás(1), Marta Andrade(2) and Américo Pires da Costa(3)

(1) / DCC-FC & LIACC, FCUP, University of Porto, Portugal
(2) Aenor / Operanor -- Auto-Estradas do Norte, S.A., Portugal
(3) / Departamento de Engenharia Civil / FEUP, University of Porto

 July 2001


We investigate the problem of finding the Origin-Destination trip matrix in a roundabout at optimal cost. The goal is to choose the turning movements that will be measured in addition to some independent total volumes at exits, entries and cross-sections inside the roundabout. Three cost criteria are proposed, each one modelling the cost of data collection in a different way. We discuss aspects of our study of this problem on computer and go through interesting mathematical properties we have found the proposed model to have.