Technical Report: DCC-2001-5

EDIC: Uma Abordagem para Apresentação de Conteúdos Pedagógicos na Web

 José Paulo Leal, Nelma Moreiria, Pedro Ribeiro

DCC-FC & LIACC, Universidade do Porto
R. do Campo Alegre 823, 4150-180 Porto, Portugal
Phone: 351 22 6078830, Fax: 351 22 6003654
E-mail: {zp,nam}
  May 2001


Edic is a Web courseware for an introductory course on the UNIX operating system. In this research we developed a XML language for describing pedagogical content and an exploratory environment, as means for structuring the courseware. In this paper we describe the XML language and its convertion to HTML, introducing graphical layout and navigation. We describe also the exploratory environment and its features for assisted execution, visualization of the file system and automatic grading of exercises.