Technical Report: DCC-99-3

DiTyCO: An Experiment in Code Mobility from the Realm of Process Calculus

 Luís Lopes(1), Fernando Silva (1), Àlvaro Figueira(1) and Vasco Vasconcelos(2)

(1) DCC & LIACC, FCUP, Porto, Portugal
(2) Dep. Informática, FCUL, Lisboa, Portugal

 May 1999


We propose a simple formal model of distribution for mobile objects in the context of the TyCO process calculus. Code mobility is induced by lexical scoping on names and template process definitions. Objects and messages migrate towards the site where their prefix names are lexically bound. Template process definitions, on the other hand, are downloaded from the site where they are defined, and are instantiated locally upon arrival. Based on this model we describe the run-time support for distribution and code mobility implemented in DiTyCO, an extension of the TyCO programming language.