Assignment #2

To be done individually.


Research work on grid computing related topics. Send me (, a written research document about one of the topics below, together with ppt-like slides for presentation.

WHEN? end of May, 2009: presentations

TOPICS: (soon, I will put some references here)

1. Cloud Computing
2. Grid Operating Systems
3. Scheduling strategies to distributed work in grid environments (min-max, mct etc)
4. Security issues in grid environments
5. Desktop and Voluntary Computing (e.g., BOINC, OurGrid, etc)
6. Workflow systems and description languages for grid environments (e.g., Triana, Taverna, GEL, JSDL etc)
7. Toosl for monitoring grid infrastructures (e.g., RTM, Ganglia, etc)
8. Tools for application management (e.g., Genius, GridSphere, etc)
9.  PlanetLab
10. Meta-schedulers (e.g., GridWay)