Paper presentation

1. What?

Arrange yourselves in groups of at most 3 students.
Each group should select one of the papers below to study.
Prepare a summary of at most 2 pages and send me by email ( Your summary should contain an appreciation of  the chosen paper regarding:
Each group will have 10 minutes to present a summary of the chosen paper along with criticisms.

2. Why?

Develop competences on paper evaluation.
Know recent works being developed in the area.

3. When?

March 31st, during class.

Suggested papers:

Journal of Grid Computing, Mar, 2009

Eun-Kyu Byun and Jin-Soo Kim

Chee Shin Yeo and Rajkumar Buyya

Jefferson Tan, David Abramson and Colin Enticott

Andrea Domenici and Flavia Donno

IEEE Conference on Grid, Sep/Oct, 2008

Section on application monitoring
WMSMonitor: a Monitoring Tool for Workload and Job Lifecycle in Grids 
Daniele Cesini, Danilo Dongiovanni, Enrico Fattibene and Tiziana Ferrari

Troubleshooting Thousands of Jobs on Production Grids Using Data Mining Techniques
David Cieslak, Nitesh Chawla and Douglas Thain

User- and Job-Centric Monitoring: Analysing and Presenting Large Amounts of Monitoring Data
Ralph Mueller-Pfefferkorn, Henrik Eichenhardt, Reinhard Neumann and
Thomas William

3D Approach to the Visualization of Parallel Applications and Grid Monitoring Information
Lucas Schnorr, Guillaume Huard and Philippe Navaux
Section on tools and applications

OpenWP: combining annotation language and workflow environments for porting existing applications on grids
        Matthieu Cargnelli, Franck Cappello and Guillaume Alleon
An IDE Framework for Grid Application Development
Donny Kurniawan and David Abramson

Section on resource management and scheduling

Toward a Fully Decentralized Algorithm for Multiple Bag-of-tasks Application
Scheduling on Grids
Rémi Bertin, Arnaud Legrand and Corinne Touati

Scheduling on the Grid via Multi-State Resource Availability Prediction
Brent Rood and Michael J. Lewis

Dynamic Scheduling for Heterogeneous Desktop Grids
Issam Al-Azzoni and Douglas Down

Rescheduling Co-Allocation Requests based on Flexible Advance Reservations and
Processor Remapping
Marco Netto and Raj Buyya

Section on systems and middleware
Bringing the Grid Home 
Chris Sosa and Andrew Grimshaw

Service-based Data Integration using OGSA-DQP and OGSA-WebDB
Steven Lynden, Said Mirza Pahlevi and Isao Kojima

RW-OGS: an Optimized Random Walk Protocol for Resource Discovery in Large Scale
Dynamic Grids
Emmanuel Jeanvoine and Christine Morin