João Pedro Pedroso

What you can get from this page:

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto

Departamento de Ciência de Computadores

R. Campo Alegre 1021-1055

4169-007 Porto, Portugal

jpp @ fc・up・pt    Public key

Tel: (+351)220.402.919

Here are my pages on ResearchGate and on ORCID

  1. Classes

  2. Optimization research line at DCC - FCUP

  3. Conferences I co-organize(d):

  4. -Porto Meeting on Mathematics for Industry 2014

  5. -VII ALIO/EURO 2011

  6. -EU/MEeting 2009

  7. Research projects

  8. Publications highlights:

  9. -*NEW* Forest harvest scheduling with clearcut and core area constraints, Annals of Operations Research, by T. Neto, M. Constantino, I. Martins and myself

  10. -*NEW* Bin Packing and Related Problems: General Arc-flow, Computers & Operations Research, by F.Brandão and myself

  11. -link to book on metaheuristics by M. Kubo and myself (in Japanese)

  12. -support page of “Mathematical Optimization” by Kubo, Pedroso, Muramatsu and Rais

  13. Programming code

  14. Optimization software:

  15. -the best-known solver for vector packing (inc. bin packing, cutting stock), outcome of a masters thesis

  16. Some of my presentations



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