Luís Torgo

I carry out my research in the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis (LIAAD) that belongs to INESC TEC research lab. Within LIAAD I coordinate a research line named Modeling Dynamic Systems.

My research revolves around the general area of Data Science, with a strong focus on Predictive Analytics. The main topics of my current research are the following:

Ubiquous Data Mining

  • Spatio-temporal mining
  • Mining from network data
  • Forecasting time series

Mining Rare Events

  • Predicting extreme values
  • Outlier detection
  • Outlier ranking

Text Mining

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Opinion mining

Regression Analysis

  • Regression trees
  • Rule-based regression

Utility-based Learning

  • Utility-based regression
  • Evaluation of regression models

As an engineer I'm particularly interested in real world applications of my research work. The main application areas of my research have been:

Financial Markets

  • Stock market prediction
  • Autonomous trading systems
  • Mining from financial news

Ecological Modeling

  • Predicting algae blooms
  • Monitoring water distribution networks
  • Forecasting water quality parameters
  • Forecasting forest fires

Fraud Detection

  • Tax fraud
  • Foreign trade transactions

Luís Torgo