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Prof. Coimbra is one of the founders and the current director of IT Porto, in which he founded and coordinates the Interactive Multimedia group, personally leading a team of 1 post-doc researcher, 5 PhD students and various MSc and BSc researchers. He is the current Chair of the Portugal Chapter of the IEEE Engineering and Medicine Society, former Director of the Master in Medical Informatics of the University of Porto, and is a co-founder of IS4H - Interactive Systems for Healthcare, a spin-off company of the University of Porto, which has licensed and is selling products based on all the interactive auscultation technologies developed by his team. Prof. Coimbra leads and participates in various projects involving engineering and medicine, namely cardiology and gastroenterology, with current and past cooperations with hospitals in Portugal, Brazil (Pernambuco, Paraíba, Minas Gerais, São Paulo), Germany and Sweden. The nearly 14 years of experience in biomedical signal processing and interactive systems for healthcare have led to the development and deployment of systems for the collection and analysis of auscultation signals, echocardiography image processing for rheumatic fever screening, monitoring of stress and fatigue of firefighters in action, endoscopy signal analysis for cancer detection, computer assisted decision systems for capsule endoscopy, and quantification of 3d motion patterns for epilepsy, among others. Prof. Coimbra has more than 120 scientific publications, 18 of which in high-impact scientific journals, and has attracted and managed more than 1M€ in research funding, over a total of 13 research projects acting as the PI or co-PI of the Instituto de Telecomunicações team.

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