On Extending a Full-Sharing Multithreaded Tabling Design with Batched Scheduling


Tabling is a technique that overcomes some limitations of traditional Prolog systems in dealing with redundant sub-computations and recursion. When tabling is combined with multithreading, we have the best of both worlds, since we can exploit the combination of higher declarative semantics with higher procedural control. To support this combination, the Yap Prolog system has, at engine level, multiple designs that vary from a No-Sharing design, where each thread allocates fully private tables, to a Full-Sharing (FS) design, where threads share the complete table space. In this work, we propose an extension to the table space data structures, which we named Private Answer Chaining (PAC), as way to support batched scheduling evaluation with the FS design. Batched scheduling is one of the most successful tabling scheduling strategies, known to be useful when a tabled logic program requires an eager propagation of answers and/or do not requires the complete set of answers to be found. Experimental results show that PAC is a good first approach, since with it the FS design remains quite competitive.


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