Advanced Topics in Algorithms 2019/2020 (CC4020)

Distance Learning (starting from the week of 16th to 20th of March)

This page describes the new conditions for the (remainder of) the first half of the course, given the current corona virus pandemic. The University of Porto keeps a bulletin board of all important informations that you can check for official university level updates.

We will be moving towards a distance learning paradigm, since "face to face" classes are now suspended on all portuguese universities.

TL;DR (too long, didn't read)

(new) Resources

Besides the website, and the usual handouts page (with slides/lecture notes and auxiliary material) you will have the following new resources:


The lecture of 16th of March was given using the video-conferencing platform Colibri/Zoom. It was mainly for informing about the new conditions and having feedback from the students, and no new course material was given.

The following lectures are going to be pre-recorded by myself and I will make the videos available before the usual time for that particular class. The following three videos were given:

(videos available: links sent by email)

Questions and Answers

In order to give you the possibility of asking questions we will be using Slack, which is an instant messaging platform (you should first register):

I will be online during the normal weekly schedule of the class (mondays 14:00-15:30, wednesdays 11:30-13:00) and until the first half of the material ends (last lecture on the 25th of March). Outside of the class time I will do my best to answer any questions, but I cannot guarantee how regularly I can access and how quick my answers will be.

Slack allows me to create different channels for structuring the conversations, allows you to ask publicly or in private and to attach things like images or code, and it evens allows for direct conferencing with sound, if needed. It also gives persistence, so you that you can check any previous public messages from everyone, and any private conversation between you and myself. It is therefore a very good platform for our purposes and it will be our main channel of communication from now on.



The project conditions are the same (50% of the grade, due date on the 14th of April, delivery by email), with the exception that the presentation will now be remote, using a videoconference tool (to arrange between the groups and the professor).


The initial plan was to make an optional written test on the 25th of March that could exempt you from an exam in June. The test and the exam are now canceled, so that we do not need to rely on you having to come physically to the university.

So the idea is that you will now be having a homework constituted by a set of exercises that you need to solve individually at home, and deliver the answers by email (I might ask you to defend any of your answers if I have any doubts about authorship).

This component is worth 50% of the first half of the class, and you will have one month to do it (the statement will be presented at the 16th of April, and you will need to deliver the answers by the 16th of May).

2nd Half of the Course

Starting in the week of 30th of March to the 3rd of April you will enter the second half of the material, given by Prof. João Pedro Pedroso. He will contact you before starting to let you know about how he is going to handle this new situation.