Current and Future Events:
- CLAS 2022: Computational Logic Autumn Summit. Organising Committee.
- TYPES 2022: 28th International Conference on Types for Proofs and Programs. PC member.
- WiL 2022: 6th Workshop for Women in Logic. PC co-chair.
- Linearity-TLLA 2022 Third Joint International Workshop Linearity-TLLA. Organiser.
Past Events:
- 2021: FoSSaCS (PC member), LSFA (PC member), WiL (PC co-chair). IWC (PC co-chair).
- 2020: CSL (PC member), FSCD (PC member), LSFA (PC member), WiL (PC co-chair).
- 2019: LSFA (PC member), TyDe (PC member), IWC (PC member), WiL (PC member).
- 2018: LSFA (PC member), HOR (PC member), DCM (PC chair).
- 2017: LSFA (PC co-chair).
- 2016: PPDP (PC member), FSCD (Conference chair).
- 2015: PAS (PC member).
- 2014: LSFA (PC member), LINEARITY (PC co-chair), CiE 2014 (PC member).
- 2013: Logic Colloquium (Organising comittee).
- 2012: LINEARITY (PC co-chair), Days in Logic (Organising committee).
- 2009: LINEARITY (PC member).
Recent Publications (see also DBLP):
- Sandra Alves, Maribel Fernández, Miguel Ramos: EVL: A Typed Higher-order Functional Language for Events. LSFA 2020, ENTCS: 3-23 (2020).
- Sandra Alves, Delia Kesner, Daniel Ventura: A Quantitative Understanding of Pattern Matching. TYPES 2019: 3:1-3:36 (2020).
- Sandra Alves, Sabine Broda: Pre-grammars and Inhabitation for a Subset of Rank 2 Intersection Types. LSFA 2018, ENTCS: 25-45 (2019).
- Sandra Alves, Besik Dundua, Mário Florido, Temur Kutsia: Pattern-based calculi with finitary matching. Logic Journal of the IGPL 26(2): 203-243 (2018).
- Sandra Alves, Sabine Broda: A Unifying Framework for Type Inhabitation. FSCD 2018: 5:1-5:16 (2018).
- Sandra Alves, Maribel Fernández: A graph-based framework for the analysis of access control policies. Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 685, 3-22, 2017.
Research Projects:
- TACLe: Timing Analysis on Code-Level - ICT COST Action IC1202.
- RESCUE: REliable and Safe Code execUtion for Embedded systems.
- LINEAR: Linearity in foundational calculi for programming languages.
- Type and effect systems for cost analysis of functional  programs, Anglo-Portuguese Joint Research Program n. B-14/04.