YAP 7.1.0
Profiling Prolog Programs

YAP includes two profilers. More...

Detailed Description

YAP includes two profilers.

The count profiler keeps information on the number of times a predicate was called This information can be used to detect what are the most commonly called predicates in the program The count profiler can be compiled by setting YAP's flag profiling to on The time-profiler is a gprof profiler, and counts how many ticks are being spent on specific predicates, or on other system functions such as internal data-base accesses or garbage collects

The YAP profiling sub-system is currently under development Functionality for this sub-system will increase with newer implementation


 Tick Profiler
 The tick profiler works by interrupting the Prolog code every so often and checking at each point the code was.
 Counting Calls

 The Count Profiler
 The count profiler works by incrementing counters at procedure entry or backtracking.