CIAA 2012

17th International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata

Call for Papers

Aim and Scope

CIAA is the premier annual conference for researchers, application developers and users of automata-based systems. The applications of the theory of automata, a foundational area of computer science, have spread to almost all areas of computer science and many other disciplines.

The CIAA series has published significant papers describing the applications of finite automata in parsing and compilers, logic, natural language processing, pattern matching, database management, and bioinformatics. The conference also accepts papers that advance the state of the art in the theoretical study of finite automata, regular expressions, grammars and related formal models.

Another goal of the conference is to provide additions and enhancements to existing software systems that manipulate automata, regular expressions, grammars, and related structures; examples of such systems include AGL, AMoRE, ASTL, Automate, FADELA, FAdo, FinITE, FIRE Station, FSM, Grail+, INR, Intex, JFLAP, MERLin, MONA, TESTAS, Turing's World, Vaucanson, WFSC and Whale Calf.

Topics covered by the Conference.

Previous Editions

Important Dates for the Conference

Research papers are sought on all aspects of implementation, application, and theory of automata and related structures.
Researchers are invited to submit unpublished original research.

Instructions for Authors

Best Paper Award

There will be a Best Paper Award for CIAA. The recipient is selected by the program committee on the basis of the referee reports.


We encourage the submission of proposals for software demos. Developers wishing to demonstrate their software should submit a not larger than two page description to the outlining the design of their system and its application area(s). The descriptions of accepted demos will appear in a booklet available at the conference.