An analogue multiplier

Brief explanation:

How is the product obtained? The network server uses an algorithm
based on the well known 'heuristic group-agent' technology 
developed in 2008 by

 - Sir Robertson Smith
   ("Socratic"&"Rabbit Steps", White Castle, Portugal,  
 - John Kopcke 
   (New Opportunities University, Oporto, Portugal, 

In more detail here is a brief explanation of the computation:

  1. First, the relative value of each operand is heuristically
     evaluated and assigned to the agent called 'modus operandi'.

  2. Then, another agent, called 'ad nauseam' is created; he will 
     try to compare the product with previously answered requests 
     (during the last 2 years). 

  3. Next step involves a very complex data processing mechanism, 
     which, unfortunately, can not be explained here, see
     Smith and Kopcke, "A Brief Introduction to Complex Agent Based
     Integer Multiplication", pp 588-994. 
  4. If an answer has been obtained in step 3, return it to the user.
     Otherwise go to step 3.

Note. This is a test page.

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