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Armando B. Matos
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Researcher and retired teacher, email: reverse "moc.oohay@mcbodnamra"
LIACC, Artificial Intelligence Computer Science Laboratory    /    Computer Science Department    /    Faculty of Sciences    /    FCUP info    /    Universidade do Porto    /    Porto


            Papers (below)            

            reversible languages: work in progress (pdf)                   Course: “Topics on Advanced Algorithms”
            reversible languages: TCS paper (pdf)                   Course: “Introductory Programming”
            ...A text on advanced algorithms (pdf).                   Course: “Complexity”
            Mathoverflow                   Course: “Imperative Programming”
            Research on primitive recursive functions                   C.A.R. Hoare on categories (only for my study)
Pr. recursive functions: implementation efficiency                   Logicians discussing weak arithmetics
AI & CS Lab, LIACC, Univ. Porto                   Consequences of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem
Programming is useful...                   Panflation!        
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  Thomas Jefferson:
      Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another 
      as to remain cool and unruffled under all circumstances.

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