Scheduling OR-parallelism in YapOr and ThOr on Multi-Core Machines

Inês Dutra, Ricardo Rocha, Vítor Santos Costa, Fernando Silva and João Santos

May 2012


In this work we perform a detailed study of different or-scheduling strategies varying several parameters in two or-parallel systems, YapOr and ThOr, running on multi-core machines. Our results show that some kinds of applications are sensitive to the choice of scheduling strategy adopted. In particular, the choice of scheduling parameters mostly affect applications that have short execution times, which, despite having speedups, have their performance significantly affected. Our results also show that topmost dispatching can be more advantageous than bottommost dispatching, a finding that contradicts previous works in this area. One last finding is that YapOr and ThOr are affected differently by changes in scheduling with ThOr performing significantly better than YapOr in several applications.


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