Eduardo R. B. Marques

Professor Auxiliar, Dep. Ciência de Computadores, FCUP
Researcher, CRACS / INESC-TEC
Email: edrdo __at__
Room: 1.72 :: Tel. (+351) 220 402 972

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JDBDT (Java DataBase Delta Testing) is an open-source Java library for testing database applications. For details visit the JDBDT website. In a nutshell, the library can be used for automation of database setup and validation (assertions) in test code, and is intended as an alternative to other existing tools such as DBUnit and DBSetup .


I felt the need for a novel database testing library, while teaching a software testing course at DI/FCUL (2012-2015). An early prototype was used by DI/FCUL students during 2015. Subsequently, I developed JDBDT further and released it open-source in 2016. Students at DCC/FCUP are currently using JDBDT in project assignments for the QSES course.