Paper presentation

1. What?

Choose articles related to Distributed Systems, study them and prepare a short presentation (15-20min). A list of suggested papers is given below. You may also propose your own set of articles or suggest a presentation about your own work, if it is related to distributed systems.

A good source of organized information on Distributed Systems is located here. The archives in this site are out-of-date, but if you click on the link "Home page" you will find good sources of up-to-date information.

Prepare a report of at most 4 pages and send me by email ( with SUBJECT: "SDM REPORT".

Your report should contain:

- a brief explanation of how and why you chose some papers
   (what keywords and search engines did you use? -- systematic review!)
- a summary of the chosen papers and
- an appreciation of  these papers regarding:

2. Why?

Develop competences on paper evaluation and develop critical thinking.
Learn how to organize a report about a scientific work.
Get acquainted with recent works being developed in the area.

3. When?

Presentations will be done on Dec 17th (during practical and theoretical classes) and Dec 20th.
Last date to send the report: Dec 16th.

All students should be present during the presentations.

List of suggested topics organized by chapters of the main reference book: (some papers are suggested, but you should look at the most recent literature and do a search for your topic)

Chapter 1: Types of Distributed Systems
  • Home-Systems: Universal Plug and Play Standards (UPnP Forum), security flaws
  • Body Area Networks: survey

Chapter 2: Architectures

Chapter 3: Processes

Chapter 4: Communication

Chapter 5: Naming

Chapter 6: Synchronization

Chapter 7: Consistency and Replication

Chapter 8: Fault Tolerance