Here is a brief description of the Apoo package. Files location can change with different distributions...

Execution files

File   Location (deb)   Description    
apoo   /usr/bin/apoo   Without options launches the Apoo Worbench (optionally with a filename); with -t (or --tester) runs Apoo Tester (a filename is mandatory); with -h (or --help) displays usage    
apoo-tutor   /usr/bin/apoo-tutor   Apoo Tutor. Usage: apoo_tutor <tutor-script> <apoo-program>    

Module files

File   Location (deb)   Description   /usr/lib/apoo/   Apoo Virtual machine   /usr/lib/apoo/   Apoo Tutor   /usr/lib/apoo/   Apoo Interface   /usr/lib/apoo/   General stuff...    

Help files

Until 1.4 version the help files were:
File   Location (deb)   Description          
help_apoo.txt   /usr/share/doc/apoo/help_apoo.txt   ApooWorkbench description          
help_tester.txt   /usr/share/doc/apoo/help_tester.txt   Apoo Tester description          
help_ass.txt   /usr/share/doc/apoo/help_ass.txt   Assembly Language          
examples   /usr/share/doc/apoo/examples   Some Apoo programs          

For newer versions the help files are:
File   Location (deb)   Description          
interface.{txt,html}   /usr/share/doc/apoo/interface.html   ApooWorkbench description          
tester{txt,html}   /usr/share/doc/apoo/tester.html   Apoo Tester description          
language{txt,html}   /usr/share/doc/apoo/language.html   Assembly Language          
examples   /usr/share/doc/apoo/examples   Some Apoo programs          

Rogério Reis,Nelma Moreira 2008-03-14