YAP 7.1.0
YAP Core Built-ins

Detailed Description

This chapter describes the core built-in predicates that control the execution of Prolog programs, provide fundamental functionality such as term manipulation or arithmetic, and support interaction with external resources

Many of the predicates described here have been standardised by the International Standard Organization The corresponding standartised subset of Prolog also known as ISO-Prolog

In the description of the arguments of predicates the following notation will be used:


 Predicates on Atoms and Strings
 The following predicates are used to manipulate atoms, strings, lists of codes and lists of chars.
 The Blackboard
 YAP implements a blackboard in the style of the SICStus Prolog blackboard.
 Copying Terms
 Internal Data Base
 Some programs need global information for, e.g.
 Supporting features of the Prolog language.
 Prolog includes a number of features that allow program and predicate manipulation.
 Arithmetic in YAP
 Prolog Flags
 Input/Output Predicates

 Control Predicates
 Error generating type-checking
 This code is based oon the SWI predicates to simplify error generation and checking.
 Grammar Rules
 Grammar rules in Prolog are both a convenient way to express definite clause grammars and an extension of the well known context-free grammars.
 list predicates in a module
 Collecting Solutions to a Goal
 When there are several solutions to a goal, if the user wants to collect all the solutions he may be led to use the data base, because backtracking will forget previous solutions.
 System Status
 Term Manipulation
 Top-Level and Boot Predicates