YAP 7.1.0
Input/Output Predicates


Detailed Description

Some of the Input/Output predicates described below will in certain conditions provide error messages and abort only if the file_errors flag is set If this flag is cleared the same predicates will just fail Details on setting and clearing this flag are given under 7.7


 Aliases to Stream Names
 Aliases: This file defines the main operations on aliases, a second name for a file.
 Character-Based Input/Output
 YAP implements most of the ISO-Prolog built-ins.
 Character Encoding and Manipulation.
 The Prolog library includes a set of built-in predicates designed to support manipulation of sequences of text, represented either as lists, atoms or strings.
 Memory Streams
 Formatted Output
 This file includes the definition of the formatted output predicates.
 Term Writing in Prolog.
 YAP Old Style Socket and Pipe Interface
 Autoload the socket/pipe library.
 File and Directory Operations

 File Name Resolution
 Support for file name resolution through absolute_file_name/3 and friends.
 Access to Operating System Functionality
 The following built-in predicates allow access to underlying Operating System functionality.
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