YAP 7.1.0

Public Attributes

choiceptr backchain_choice_point
choiceptr leader_choice_point
choiceptr consumer_choice_point
struct answer_trie_nodelast_consumed_answer
struct dependency_framenext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 381 of file tab.structs.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ backchain_choice_point

choiceptr backchain_choice_point

Definition at line 393 of file tab.structs.h.

◆ consumer_choice_point

choiceptr consumer_choice_point

Definition at line 395 of file tab.structs.h.

◆ last_consumed_answer

struct answer_trie_node* last_consumed_answer

Definition at line 396 of file tab.structs.h.

◆ leader_choice_point

choiceptr leader_choice_point

Definition at line 394 of file tab.structs.h.

◆ next

struct dependency_frame* next

Definition at line 397 of file tab.structs.h.

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