Eduardo R. B. Marques

Professor Auxiliar, Dep. Ciência de Computadores, FCUP
Researcher, CRACS / INESC-TEC
Email: ebmarques __at__
Room: 1.72 :: Tel. (+351) 220 402 972

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  • Biolens: deep learning models for classifying portuguese species of butterflies, dragonflies, and moths.
  • Flux: a platform for mobile crowd-sensing
  • Dolphin: a task orchestration language for autonomous vehicle networks
  • Cooperari: cooperative testing of multithread of Java programs (new version now available at GitHub)
  • dbdia: diagram generator for database Entity-Relationship (ER) models and relational schemas (used in the Databases course I teach).
  • JDBDT: Java Database Delta Testing


  • ParTypes: Protocol-based verification of MPI programs (2013-17)
  • NVL: Networked Vehicles' Language (2014/15)
  • aspa: fine-grained patches for Java software upgrades (2013)
  • At LSTS, as part of the development team (2005-2011):
    • DUNE: on-board software platform for umanned vehicles
    • IMC: an interoperability protocol for umanned vehicle networks
    • Seaware (archived webpage) (2006/07): a publish-subscribe middleware for networked vehicle systems.
    More LSTS software can also be found at GitHub.
  • Jarol (2006/7): a control software framework, as a visiting PhD student at the University of Salzburg, with Bernhard Kast and Christoph Kirsch.
  • DRMI: Delayed Java RMI (1997/8): a prototype framework for lazy/delayed evaluation of Java RMI calls, developed as a MSc student at Imperial Colleege, supervised by Paul Kelly. Work on the subject has matured further in subsequent research by Kwok Cheung Yeung and Paul Kelly.
  • 3DO (1997): a language for defining 3D finite-element structures using object-oriented concepts, with Álvaro Azevedo (Univ. Porto) and Joaquim Barros (Univ. Minho).