Reference: CMUP-ERI/FIA/0031/2013
Start Date: 01-07-2014
End Date: 30-06-2019 📕
Partners: Biodevices, Center of Competences for Future Cities, Heinz College of Management (CMU), Higher Institute of Police Sciences and Internal Security, Hospital de Gaia, Human Sensing Lab, Robotics Institute (CMU), IEETA, INESC-TEC, Petratex, Tepper School of Business (CMU), IT
My responsibility Researcher

Main Objective

Consolidating the technology developed in VR and VR2, improving even further its scalability and adaptability to a wider set of requirements from different hazardous professions

Improving the methodologies, specially the Data Analysis and psycho-­‐physiology indicators to better detect trends and health threatening events of these professionals

Converging to a scalable, adaptable, mobile and integrated cloud services based ICT platform that can be configurable to attend different health surveillance scenarios in different professions

Perform a business concept validation and a manufacture supply chain strategy for guiding the path from prototype to the market