YAP 7.1.0
alias.c File Reference

File Aliases. More...

#include "sysbits.h"
#include "Yatom.h"
#include "YapHeap.h"
#include "yapio.h"
#include "YapEval.h"
#include "YapText.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "iopreds.h"

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#define SYSTEM_STAT   stat


bool Yap_FetchStreamAlias (int sno, Term t2 USES_REGS)
void Yap_SetAlias (Atom arg, int sno)
 set arg as an alias to sno, but first check if not done before More...
bool Yap_DeleteAliases (int sno)
 purge all aliases for stream sno More...
int Yap_CheckAlias (Atom arg)
int Yap_FindStreamForAlias (Atom al)
int Yap_RemoveAlias (Atom arg, int sno)
 remove an alias arg for a stream More...
bool Yap_AddAlias (Atom arg, int sno)
struct AliasDescSYap_InitStandardAliases (void)
void Yap_InitAliases (void)


struct AliasDescSGLOBAL_FileAliases
 alias table access More...
int GLOBAL_NOfFileAliases
int GLOBAL_SzOfFileAliases

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File Aliases.

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Thu Nov 19 10:53:20 2015 240

Definition in file alias.c.

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#define SYSTEM_STAT   stat

Definition at line 122 of file alias.c.

Function Documentation

◆ Yap_AddAlias()

bool Yap_AddAlias ( Atom  arg,
int  sno 

Definition at line 379 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_CheckAlias()

int Yap_CheckAlias ( Atom  arg)

Definition at line 291 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_DeleteAliases()

bool Yap_DeleteAliases ( int  sno)

purge all aliases for stream sno

Definition at line 267 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_FetchStreamAlias()

bool Yap_FetchStreamAlias ( int  sno,
Term t2  USES_REGS 

Definition at line 193 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_FindStreamForAlias()

int Yap_FindStreamForAlias ( Atom  al)

Definition at line 332 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_InitAliases()

void Yap_InitAliases ( void  )

Definition at line 431 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_InitStandardAliases()

struct AliasDescS * Yap_InitStandardAliases ( void  )

Definition at line 402 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_RemoveAlias()

int Yap_RemoveAlias ( Atom  arg,
int  sno 

remove an alias arg for a stream

The alias may not be active

Definition at line 353 of file alias.c.

◆ Yap_SetAlias()

void Yap_SetAlias ( Atom  arg,
int  sno 

set arg as an alias to sno, but first check if not done before

Definition at line 259 of file alias.c.

Variable Documentation

◆ GLOBAL_FileAliases

struct AliasDescS* GLOBAL_FileAliases

alias table access

Definition at line 140 of file h0globals.h.

◆ GLOBAL_NOfFileAliases

int GLOBAL_NOfFileAliases

Definition at line 141 of file h0globals.h.

◆ GLOBAL_SzOfFileAliases

int GLOBAL_SzOfFileAliases

Definition at line 142 of file h0globals.h.