YAP 7.1.0
os Directory Reference



file  absf.c [code]
 absolute file name: C ut in a different light
file  alias.c [code]
 File Aliases.
file  assets.c [code]
 File Aliases.
file  charsio.c [code]
 This file includes the definition of character-by-character related IO.
file  chartypes.c [code]
 Character Properties.
file  console.c [code]
file  edio.yap [code]
 Input/Output according to the DEC-10 Prolog.
file  fmemopen.c [code]
file  format.c [code]
file  iopreds.c [code]
 main open and close predicates over generic streams
file  pipes.c [code]
 This file includes the definition of a pipe related IO.
file  readline.c [code]
 This file includes the interface to the readline library, if installed in the system.
file  readterm.c [code]
 glue code between parser and streams
file  writeterm.c [code]
 I/O support for writing terms.