YAP 7.1.0
File and Directory Operations


Detailed Description

Class Documentation

◆ get_time/1

class get_time/1


unify its only argumet with an integer representing the time past simce the epoch The integer must have the same representation as the file time-stamps

◆ make_directory/1

class make_directory/1

make_directory(+ Dir)

Create a directory Yap_Dir If the parent directory does not exist, silently create it,

◆ list_directory/2

class list_directory/2

list_directory(+ Dir, -ListOfFiles)

Return the list of files for a directory

◆ exists/1

class exists/1

exists(+ F)

Checks if file F exists in the current directory

◆ file_exists/1

class file_exists/1

file_exists(+ _File__)

The atom File corresponds to an existing file or directory

◆ rename/2

class rename/2

rename(+F , +G)

 Renames the single file  _F_ to  _G_.

◆ access_file/2

class access_file/2

access_file(+F , +G)

 Verify whether file F respects property _G_. The file is  processed
 with absolute_file_name.

◆ prolog_file_name/2

class prolog_file_name/2

prolog_file_name( +File, -PrologFileaName)

Unify PrologFileName with the Prolog file associated to File

Function Documentation

◆ Yap_InitFiles()

void Yap_InitFiles ( void  )

Definition at line 813 of file files.c.


void Yap_InitFiles (void)