YAP 7.1.0
Term Visit and Manipulation

Detailed Description

Class Documentation

◆ vcell

struct vcell

Definition at line 39 of file utilpreds.c.

Public Attributes

Term old_var
Term new_var

Member Data Documentation

◆ new_var

Term new_var

Definition at line 41 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ old_var

Term old_var

Definition at line 40 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ copy_frame

struct copy_frame

Definition at line 517 of file utilpreds.c.

Public Attributes

CELL * pt0
CELL * pt0_end
CELL * ptf

Member Data Documentation

◆ pt0

CELL* pt0

Definition at line 518 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ pt0_end

CELL* pt0_end

Definition at line 519 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ ptf

CELL* ptf

Definition at line 520 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ visited

struct visited

Definition at line 2760 of file utilpreds.c.

Public Attributes

CELL * start
CELL * end
CELL old
UInt vdepth

Member Data Documentation

◆ end

CELL* end

Definition at line 2762 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ old

CELL old

Definition at line 2763 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ start

CELL* start

Definition at line 2761 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ vdepth

UInt vdepth

Definition at line 2764 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ ground/1

class ground/1

ground( T)

defined in the ISO standard

Succeeds if there are no free variables in the term T

◆ term_variables/2

class term_variables/2

term_variables(? Term, - Variables)

defined in the ISO standard

Unify Variables with the list of all variables of term Term The variables occur in the order of their first appearance when traversing the term depth-first, left-to-right

◆ term_attvars/2

class term_attvars/2

term_attvars(+ Term,- AttVars)

AttVars is a list of all attributed variables in Term and its attributes I.e., term_attvars/2 works recursively through attributes This predicate is Cycle-safe

◆ rational_term_to_tree/4

class rational_term_to_tree/4

◆ term_factorized/3

class term_factorized/3

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ AdjustSizeAtom

#define AdjustSizeAtom (   X)    (((CELL)(X)+(8-1)) & ~(8-1))

Definition at line 772 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ export_derefa_body

#define export_derefa_body (   D,
do { \
if ((CELL *)(D) < CellDifH(HR,HLow)) { (A) = (CELL *)(D); break; } \
(A) = (CELL *)(D); \
(D) = *(CELL *)(D); \
if(!IsVarTerm(D)) goto LabelNonVar; \
LabelUnk: ; \
} while (Unsigned(A) != (D))

Definition at line 819 of file utilpreds.c.

Function Documentation

◆ Yap_ExportTerm()

size_t Yap_ExportTerm ( Term  inp,
char *  buf,
size_t  len,
UInt  arity 

Definition at line 1143 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_ImportTerm()

Term Yap_ImportTerm ( char *  buf)

Definition at line 1233 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_IsListOrPartialListTerm()

bool Yap_IsListOrPartialListTerm ( Term  t)

Definition at line 3909 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_IsListTerm()

bool Yap_IsListTerm ( Term  t)

Definition at line 3895 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_SizeGroundTerm()

int Yap_SizeGroundTerm ( Term  t,
int  ground 

Definition at line 2643 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_SizeOfExportedTerm()

size_t Yap_SizeOfExportedTerm ( char *  buf)

Definition at line 1268 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_SkipList()

Int Yap_SkipList ( Term *  l,
Term **  tailp 

Definition at line 4239 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_TermHash()

Int Yap_TermHash ( Term  t,
Int  size,
Int  depth,
int  variant 

Definition at line 2925 of file utilpreds.c.

◆ Yap_Variant()

bool Yap_Variant ( Term  t1,
Term  t2 

Definition at line 3312 of file utilpreds.c.


#define AdjustSizeAtom(X)   (((CELL)(X)+(8-1)) & ~(8-1))
#define export_derefa_body(D, A, LabelUnk, LabelNonVar)


typedef struct copy_frame copy_frame_t
typedef struct visited visited_t


size_t Yap_ExportTerm (Term inp, char *buf, size_t len, UInt arity)
Term Yap_ImportTerm (char *buf)
size_t Yap_SizeOfExportedTerm (char *buf)
int Yap_SizeGroundTerm (Term t, int ground)
Int Yap_TermHash (Term t, Int size, Int depth, int variant)
bool Yap_Variant (Term t1, Term t2)
bool Yap_IsListTerm (Term t)
bool Yap_IsListOrPartialListTerm (Term t)
Int Yap_SkipList (Term *l, Term **tailp)