DCFS 2012

14th International Workshop on Descriptional Complexity of Formal Systems

Accepted Papers

  1. "An Infinite Hierarchy of Language Families Resulting from Stateless Pushdown Automata with Limited Pushdown Alphabets". Alexander Meduna, Lukás Vrábel and Petr Zemek.
  2. "Deciding Representability of Sets of Words of Equal Length". F. Blanchet-Sadri and Sean Simmons.
  3. "Bounded Counter Languages". Holger Petersen.
  4. "Centralized PC systems of pushdown automata versus multi-head pushdown automata". Friedrich Otto.
  5. "Descriptional Complexity of Biautomata". Galina Jiraskova and Ondrej Klima.
  6. "Descriptional Complexity of Pushdown Store Languages". Andreas Malcher, Katja Meckel, Carlo Mereghetti and Beatrice Palano.
  7. "Iterating Invertible Binary Transducers". Klaus Sutner and Kevin Lewi.
  8. "Minimal DFA for Symmetric Difference NFA". Brink Van Der Merwe, Hellis Tamm and Lynette van Zijl.
  9. "On Internal Contextual Grammars with Subregular Selection Languages". Florin Manea and Bianca Truthe.
  10. "On Inverse Operations and Their Descriptional Complexity". Maria Paola Bianchi, Markus Holzer, Sebastian Jakobi and Giovanni Pighizzini
  11. "On the number of nonterminal symbols in unambiguous conjunctive grammars. Artur Jez and Alexander Okhotin."
  12. "Production Complexity of Some Operations on Ciontext-Free Languages". Jürgen Dassow and Ronny Harbich.
  13. "Randomness Behaviour in Blum Universal Static Complexity Spaces". Cezar Campeanu.
  14. "Removing Nondeterminism in Constant Height Pushdown Automata". Zuzana Bednarova, Viliam Geffert, Carlo Mereghetti and Beatrice Palano.
  15. "State Complexity of Chop Operations on Unary and Finite Languages". Markus Holzer and Sebastian Jakobi.
  16. "State complexity and limited nondeterminism". Alexandros Palioudakis, Kai Salomaa and Selim Akl.
  17. "State complexity of projection and quotient on unranked trees". Xiaoxue Piao and Kai Salomaa.
  18. "State complexity of star and square of union of k regular languages". Yuan Gao and Lila Kari.
  19. "Syntactic Complexity of Star-Free Languages". Janusz Brzozowski and Baiyu Li.
  20. "Uniform Distributed Pushdown Automata Systems". Fernando Arroyo, Juan Castellanos and Victor Mitrana.