Programming Code


most of the programming code referred to in my papers:

  1. 1.Data for Maximizing expectation on vertex-disjoint cycle packing BROWSE, @bitbucket

  2. 2.Programs and data for the Stacking problem BROWSE

  3. 3.Programs and data for Unit commitment with valve-point loading effect BROWSE

  4. 4.Programs and data of A new MILP-based approach for unit commitment in power production planning by Ana Viana and myself. BROWSE

  5. 5.Metaheuristics for the Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problem. Described in this paper. BROWSE

  6. 6.Number partitioning. Described in this paper. BROWSE

  7. 7.Hybrid tabu search and Relax-and-fix for Lot Sizing problems, together with a set of benchmark instances and models. Described in this paper. BROWSE

  8. 8.Python-glpk: an inteface to allow calling GLPK from Python. (Required for the Lot Sizing code.) BROWSE

  9. 9.Some simple metaheuristics for scheduling problems, described in this paper. BROWSE

  10. 10.MIP tabu search tabu search for the general MIP, using GLPK. Described in this paper. BROWSE

programming code for the book “metaheuristics: a programming guide” BROWSE