Nirbhaya Shaji

A Nirbhaya Shaji está a terminar o Mestrado em Ciência de Dados e é, atualmente, Data Scientist na Lendigo.


É sobre as razões que a levaram a ingressar neste mestrado que ela deixa aqui o seu testemunho.


"Coming from abroad, I wanted to do a data science program that would allow me to find relevant work experiences while doing my Masters. Out of my choices, the MDS program at DCC-FCUP  gave me the best response to my queries. It encouraged me to find possible collaborations with labs that could provide me with the opportunities I was looking for much earlier than I expected. As a result, I was part of several (paid) projects while I was already doing the program.


Currently, I am a data scientist at a company where I initially worked as an intern while on a research grant.


As an international student, I find the environment very welcoming and supportive. The courses are all very well planned and delivered. The academic guidance has helped me grow my professional skills over the years. I would greatly recommend the program to anyone, especially international students with the same goals as mine."


Nirbhaya Shaji

Julho 2022