"Automated Privacy for Mobile Devices"

No próximo dia 18 de janeiro, pelas 10h00 no Anf 2 do DCC (FC6 0.29),  Ricardo Mendes irá dar uma palestra intitulada "Automated Privacy for Mobile Devices".


A palestra é organizada pelo DCC-FCUP e é aberta a todos os interessados.



"Automated Privacy for Mobile Devices"


The pervasiveness of smart devices and the always connected paradigm has fostered applications that benefit from sensing the environment to provide contextualized services to users. However, this constant exchange of information pose serious privacy risks. Existing privacy protection mechanisms for mobile devices have been shown inefficient at both protecting and warning users against the possible risks. Specifically, the main drawback lies in the number of permissions that are automatically accepted, often violating user preferences. Automation in permission managers is paramount as the number installed applications and respective permissions renders unfeasible constantly asking the user. Hence, the automation must be smart by taking into account the intrinsic nature of privacy, namely, privacy’s subjectiveness to each individual and the contextual dependency of such preferences. In this talk, we describe our work done towards this goal: enhancing automated privacy through personalization and context-awareness in the subject of permission managers for mobile devices and location data.
Short biography
Ricardo has a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Coimbra, where he is currently finishing his PhD in Informatics Engineering on the subject of automated privacy for mobile devices. Since the last year he starting working at Huawei as Privacy Technologist (R&D Engineer) at the European Research Center in Munich. His interests include privacy in ubiquitous computing, privacy-preserving machine learning and synthetic data generation.


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