"Arquivo.pt - The Portuguese Web Archive: an innovative infrastructure for research"

No próximo dia 10 de novembro, pelas 15h00 na sala Lab2 do DCC (FC6 1.84),  Daniel Gomes irá dar uma palestra intitulada "Arquivo.pt - The Portuguese Web Archive: an innovative infrastructure for research".


A palestra é organizada pelo DCC-FCUP e é aberta a todos os interessados.




"Arquivo.pt - The Portuguese Web Archive: an innovative infrastructure for research"


The Web has become an indispensable source of information. However, published information quickly disappears from the original webistes. Archive.pt preserves the information posted on Portuguese web sites and allows anyone to search for and access content archived since the 1990s. Since 2018, the Arquivo.pt annual Prize has awarded €15,000 to works that use Arquivo.pt's services in a useful and innovative way. In 2023, a new edition will take place. This session will present Arquivo.pt so that anyone can use this public service for research, professional or personal purposes. 
Short bio:
Daniel Gomes started and leads the Arquivo.pt public service. He is a researcher in the field of information systems development, web development since 2001. In his doctoral thesis he studied the impact of the characteristics of the information published on the web on the design of large-scale systems that enable their processing.

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