"Securing IoE/IoT and Software Supply Chain Risk Management"

No próximo dia 26 de outubro, pelas 16h00 no Anf 2 do DCC (FC6 0.29),  Honoré Nyuyse irá dar uma palestra intitulada "Securing IoE/IoT and Software Supply Chain Risk Management".


A palestra é organizada pelo DCC-FCUP e é aberta a todos os interessados.


Short Bio:

Mr. Honoré Nyuyse currently serves as a Technology Manager (TM) in the Office of Science and Engineering (OSE) under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate where he leads the Physical & Cyber Security (PCS) branch within the Systems Engineering and Standards Division (SESD). Mr. Nyuyse is responsible for overseeing all major technology related and IT Acquisition programs within the Acquisition Lifecycle Framework (ALF) and Research & Development (R&D) projects. He provides input in the development of DHS cybersecurity instructions and guidebooks, SELC, and conducts technical assessments, security engineering, and cyber threat intelligence/analysis on programs with the goal to improve the resiliency and cybersecurity posture. As a technical advisor, Mr. Nyuyse also provides SME support and engagements on several efforts within the Homeland Security Enterprise (HSE) to include operational activities, experimentations, and technology demonstrations, collaborates with USG Departments and Agencies (DAs), and engages with Industry through public and private analytic exchange programs. Mr. Nyuyse has over seventeen years of experience in the technology domain and IT industry, which covers program management, enterprise and security, systems & software development life cycle (DLC) to include mobile APIs, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI\ML) capabilities, tech demonstrations and operationalization, and standardization. Similarly, he is a trained counterintelligence analyst and holds two post-graduate degrees in Strategic Intelligence and Technology Management.


"Securing IoE/IoT and Software Supply Chain Risk Management"




The Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security USA has been collaborating with other Departments and Agencies and Industry partners to conduct a landscape assessment on the development, implementation, and securing of IoT/ICS in both operational environments and its impact across the sectors. The deployment of IoTs in industrial and other settings where smart connected devices are integrated into both legacy Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) systems opens those systems to new vulnerabilities. Privacy, security, regulatory, and legal concerns were ranked highest. Security challenges with IoTs further expands with the implementation of 5G and Next Gen Networks. Autonomous systems and Smart environments (Homes and Cities) or ecosystems are largely dependent on IoTs. S&T is working on projects focused on establishing a baseline on how IoTs and related data are currently being used in cities. SCADA systems are increasingly utilizing, integrating, and dependent on IoTs for performance improvements and remote management.


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